For me, Father is not just who acts as a pillar of strength or the breadwinner of the family. Father’s sole definition is who plays the role of mother, father, and sibling too. A father is someone who contributes hands in the household chores and also cooks for his own family.

On the occasion of World Father’s Day which is every year celebrated on the third Sunday of June i.e. 21st June. This day is celebrated to thank our dad for all they have done for us since the beginning.

Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman and her five other siblings who had been brought by their Father gave a thought that as we celebrate Mother’s Day then Why no we celebrate Father’s Day? This was started first in the year June 1910, gradually this spread all over the world. But in a country like Australia, it is celebrated on 6th September.

There are many instances when we blame our Father for various things, but I guess we should take it as a joke. You should feel lucky enough that you have a father. If we think about children who don’t have fathers, it is quite tragic for them.

Coming to the question, How you can make Father’s Day of 2020 interesting during this pandemic?

1. Plan a family game night

Spend time by playing various board games or any other games which fascinate your dad and also make it fun with your family. You can always make a team and enjoy the game night and make it memorable. Don’t forget to click pictures.

2. Steal his heart through making some dishes

Plan a Father’s Day breakfast/lunch/dinner where you can cook your dad’s most favourite dish. If, he prefers to have sweet then you can try impressing him by showing your baking talent.

3. Enjoy a movie night

Have a lovely and marvelous time watching his favourite movies. You can watch any type of movie which suites his taste. The best option is you can watch a Hollywood or Bollywood Father’s Day movie. To make it more interesting you can enact the roles also side by side.

As we all know due to Coronavirus we can’t jump out, but we have all techniques to celebrate at home. In my opinion, Father’s Day is not a single day, our Fathers every day makes us proud, makes us happy and what not he does. A father can be anyone, even a mom, even an Army Officer, an engineer, or anyone.

This Father’s Day, I would first like to thank all Fathers out there who have not acted as judges in our lives, who have continuously stood by despite their problems. They don’t leave any stone unturned to make us proud. A father is someone who sacrifices his problems in front of his children. Thanks for all the hard work you do.Thanks for building a good bond with us and lastly allowing us to do what we want.

Tribute to my Baker Father
“My sister and I are daughters to an all-rounder father and we are daughters of a Superb Baker who is often called as Mr. Moustache. You have always saved us from all society traditions and societal happenings. Till date, you have been imbibing all good qualities in us. All thanks to you for making us strong. We are proud to have a Father like you. You rock Mr. Moustache”DAD1

Celebrating Pride Month 2020

As I was scrolling through the internet one day, I came across pictures of pride march and I was so curious as to what it is. I started looking up and it was pictures from PRIDE MONTH.

As I kept reading, I gained an interest in the PRIDE MONTH. Something clicked in my mind as to why not I write about PRIDE MONTH.

Pride refers to confidence and self-respect as expressed by the number of people, especially those whose rights have been infringed, who is not accepted by society based on their gender.

Every year in June the Global Pride Month is carried out. In some places, it is celebrated in June, but in some places, such as The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Australia, it usually starts in February.

It’s credited to Brenda Howard, a bisexual New York activist also called “Mother of Pride” organized the primary pride parade to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising Pride month is an opportunity to protest peacefully and show that the society should accept them.

Pride month is a tribute to all LGBTQIA community people who were involved in Stonewall Riots which took place in 1969. Stonewall Inn was a gay club and during the riots, a black, trans, and bisexual woman was involved who continued the movement for six days.

The LGBTQIA Community didn’t want to live a life of misery, they didn’t want to be debarred from entering any place so that is why in the memory of that incident they carried out a pride march.

Pride march involves walking from one destination to a particular destination, carrying the LGBTQIA flag, also doing some fun activities during the march. Sometimes people also carry that march with banners in their hands and shouting out for their rights.

This pride march is not only restricted to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queers, intersex, and asexual. Anyone can participate in this. These are just ways to support the LGBTQIA Community.

Commonly there are monthlong festivals and in-person social occasions that take place all over the world, including pride marches, walks, parties, shows, workshops, etc.

For pride groups, there is a rainbow flag that denotes various colors

  1. Red is for Life
  2. Orange for Healing
  3. Yellow for Sunshine
  4. Green for Nature
  5. Blue for Harmony, and
  6. Purple for Spirit

The rainbow flag was made in 1978 by craftsman, originator Vietnam war veteran, and later on a drag entertainer Gilbert Baker. He was authorized to make a flag by another gay icon government official Harvey Milk for San Fransico’s yearly pride march.

Celebrating Pride Month 2020

Due to amid coronavirus nothing can’t be done so the pride marches are not taking place this year, but of course, activities are being carried out online.

There are many dance parties, challenges, and workshops and shows being organized to let people celebrate this year’s pride month happily. Many countries have planned to host an online fest and concert such as DragFest 2020 and the concert is also being organized by Dublin.

DragFest is being organized through New York City Council and a drag artist Martin G Cumming. It is going to be a 3-day event where more than 1000 drag artists would give stellar performances. You can’t miss this event for sure.

The Cincinnati Black Pride is going to be a gala affair. It goes to encompass a special movie poignant as well along with documentaries with different paintings that speak approximately Black LGBTQIA experience.

So are you excited to celebrate your virtual pride month because I am !! I feel Pride Month should be every month. We don’t need to have a separate month for this.

In this Pride Month, let us all stand united, and let’s not discriminate or judge anyone based on their gender. Let’s also take a rainbow flag in our hands and let everyone be free.

Pride is something you are proud of. I always wanted to know from the LGBTQ Community about the pride month. So I asked them up “what was your experience of the Pride March which you have attended?”

Here come to their experiences:


“Delhi Pride for me was a truly magical experience, it’s one of those days when everyone collectively gets together and there is so much positivity around. I would say it’s better than Christmas or Diwali for me, truly the highlight of the year! It’s that one day of the year when we get to claim the streets as our own and it truly feels amazing to know that everyone walking alongside you is queer-friendly and accepting. My friends all joined me, some queer, some allies, and we all hugged each other and shared in goodwill and raised slogans. Pride is a protest at the end of the day, so while it is lots of fun, we must never forge platform to call for reform and change.”

– Alexander Balakrishnan


“Belonging from QUEER COMMUNITY, it never gets easy to open up about your sexual orientation to an unknown person because of the constant fear of being judged revolves around you but it gets a lot easier when you open up to someone who has been in your shoes that’s when I am talking about The Pride. 🏳️‍🌈🌈

I enjoy going to Pride a lot because I think it’s the best way to:

  • Open up yourself (e.g. for me, I Design my outfits)
  • Meet a bunch of Unicorns Spilling Rainbows all over the place.
  • You can relate to others in a lot of ways.
  • It’s harmless doesn’t involve catfishing, theft, or any other crime by the people itself because people are here to celebrate Love, Happiness, and Acceptance.”


“I have never been to a pride march so I don’t know how it is. I just know it’s very colorful and cheerful. Everyone is very welcoming”


“In my opinion, Pride gives queer people an enthusiasm to celebrate themselves. It’s about embracing and having fun and rejoicing your identity out loud, taking up space in a world where it took years for you to earn as much freedom to express”




Wishing everyone all over the world a very Happy Pride Month.


Marriage is like a full-time investment for women in her life as a daughter in law, wife, and mother. But the role of a daughter and sister is neglected in our society.

The patriarchal norms prevalent in our society have conditioned women so much that they don’t have time to meet their families. In some instances, they don’t even have time for their selves because it is said “Thoda baradsht karna sikhna chahiye aurton ko”.It is the woman who feels that she is not able to play a role of a daughter or a sister. She misses the time when everyone used to get together and enjoy either by talking or playing with family.She is only left with the role of the daughter in law, wife, and a mother.

It hurts me so much when we hear or see that it is the daughter-in-laws doing everything and nobody even offers to help .Is this the reason why her parents get her married? Should not be !!As everyone human being has some dreams and aspirations and most importantly she needs to live for her self.

She is the one who wakes up early in the morning, does all the household chores, and does everything possible and impossible things to keep her family happy. Yet, what she gets in return is domestic violence which she quietly faces. But now the times have changed, every woman is aware of her rights and she doesn’t stop till she is not able to achieve what she wants.
Marriage shouldn’t feel like a burden to a woman. Basically what every girl wants is RESPECT which in our country is most of the time not given. If you respect anyone they will also respect you. However, if you hit her to be ready for repercussions.
Recently, I saw Thappad, a movie starring Tapsee as a lead actor. The story revolved around a slap. For our society and some men, it is just a slap but you have no right or authority to slap anyone .that single slap could change a woman’s life and that’s how Tapsee’s life changed in a second. It is so common to hear these days from our maids that yesterday “my husband was drunk and he hit me hard” .Their are very few women who stand up for this situation properly. A man should understand that we are not robots whenever you want you can do anything. It is so sad to see where a woman giving up a career for her family, where a woman is told to stay silent but this was maybe an old tradition.
As we are in the 21st century the mindsets have been changing. The families are opening to new law and order. Society has also started thinking about what it means for a woman to be respected. For her, her reputation matters the most and as time changes that have been taken care of.

On the occasion of MOTHER’S DAY, I would like to say it is time for you to fight back now and stop domestic violence and harassment .There are various women helpline numbers and, places where you can reach and get help as soon as possible. You can always talk to your family and friends. You cant always feel traumatized. I hope all mothers, daughters, sisters, mothers-in-law live a peaceful and blissful life.

-Gauri Sawant

Life is a gift. It’s also unpredictable. Self-defense helps to prepare you for unexpected situations and also helps develop increased mental and physical health. As time goes by I feel that it is very important for a girl to know how to defend herself. Every day we get to hear so many cases of bullying, eve-teasing, and molestation, but do we know what to do if such things happen? NO. These days the number of cases is rising and now there are so many classes and institutions where an individual can take self-defense training. Some of the institutions are DARE ( Defence Against Rape and Eve Teasers) by the Institute of Martial Science and Blank Noise which work towards women’s self-defense. If we don’t learn to defend ourselves, the boys will keep on taking advantage that she won’t be able to do anything. But does he know that you can punch him back too? NO, so let him know that you can punch him. You will feel so happy when you realize that you defeated him and now he would have to deal with repercussions.

There are so many advantages of undergoing self-defense training some of them can be that you are aware of your surroundings while you are walking, you also become strong and it sets a positive attitude towards your life.

Now it is time to act. Some of the techniques that a girl should know to defend herself are :






Who according to you is the wildest animal in India? Honestly according to me a MAN is the wildest, hungriest and the biggest animal which lives on our planet. To satisfy his so-called day and night needs and fill up his stomach he does by it eating the flesh of a woman. This is what we deserve as human beings?

After raping what was the need to burn her or put an iron rod into her vagina? Burning or leaving the body naked on the road is not a way. Every girl when grows up thinks that she will become something. But on the other side, she doesn’t know what is already planned for her. ” The sound of her cries still haunts me every day,” said Nirbhaya’s mother. These days when a girl walks on the road she is scared that she might be raped too. Rape has become a trend in India which hasn’t stopped be it NIRBHAYA, ASIFA or PRIYANKA REDDY. Mothers think that wow a son is born and will make the family proud but who knows he will become a RAPIST.l haunts me every day,” said the mother of the victim.

It is no point in keeping quiet now because I don’t think that the rapists would be hung. There is so much anguish after the Hyderabad Rape case but still, the laws have not been made.

The real justice to Nirbhaya and other girls will be given when any rapist would be hung. It is no point in waiting for such a day as you need to stand on your own. And the thought which made me angry was that rape videos are now available on porn websites which is ridiculous.

“NO ONE LIKES TO BE RAPED AND NO ONE LIKES TO BE CALLED A RAPIST”Exactly if you don’t want to be called a rapist then why do you rape a girl.


Disclaimer: not generalizing all men. Only those who don’t take consent and respect it.

Now I finally realized that the line said by Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Pink is wrong according to this time


If we see today scenario in which we are living especially being in places of Delhi and NCR. Yeh mahaan idea Aaj Kal bhi logo ko din mei bhi aata hai! We have so many times heard the stories of a girl being bullied or harassed or kidnapped during the day time be it in buses, metros, cabs or while traveling in an auto. Especially if the girl is wearing a short dress and traveling alone the boys notice or notice and make nasty comments.and if the girl reverts the boy is like TERA TOH RAPE HOJAEGA. It is always better to carry some equipment such as a knife or pepper spray.

C’mon, are we living in the 21st century? I don’t think so. If we save our boys then only our girls will be safe. Why do we have to pull your car window and check out how the girl is walking and what is she wearing? even nowadays bike riders while riding don’t focus on driving but they after every minute have to twist their neck to check her out.

Now a girl has the right to wear what she wants too but she alters her way of living according to society and boys. Girls after or before the marriage are pressurized to change their way of living depending on others. WHAT A SHAME BOYS!!


Where are we living? Are we living in a world where human trafficking is prevalent? Yes, we are. Human trafficking defines Trafficking in Persons as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. About 1 million girls are sold in a year.

This is insane.  Even our court is so unfair that when something happens then the laws are made. Why do we have to wait for something to happen?  when the girls are taken for human trafficking they are first trained properly so that they can engage with the customers. Behind the curtains, we don’t know what is happening but now we can know through social media. A girl is usually kidnapped, abused badly, is given so many drugs and also sometimes alcohol,  the girl is raped and then sold in the market.

Mostly we see children and adolescents begging or selling knick-knacks on the streets in towns and cities. We talk about that we should educate the girl child but these days it is more important to educate the boy about all this so that in future he doesn’t end up doing all this. It is a myth that most girls are the victim but nowadays it is also not safe for the boys. Many boys are also so badly treated and then their life is also destroyed as it is not easy for anyone to adapt to these as it is a very situation.

In some families when the parents are not educated they are bribed by some persons saying that we have opened a school for girls so please send your child their but in reality, the girls are misbehaved only. If the girl refuses to do anything that the men say when they are sold and prepared to be engaged with customers then the girls are killed.

 If you want to gain pleasure in your life then do it by doing other things which also help you to be a better person.  Karma plays a very important role in an individual life. .Our body is our privacy boys, not yours. Everyone has an equal right to life and personal liberty and it cannot be snatched.


A mother is a so precious gift that God has gifted us. The root mater means “mother.” The name mother arises when she gives birth to a child. We are so grateful that we all have one special person in our life. Don’t forget that your mother is only your BEST FRIEND. Mother is the one who has always supported us, cared for us and most importantly nurtured us as an individual. Whenever you go outside and return home then you must have noticed the first word you speak is Mumma and when we don’t find her at home you get sad and call her. Usually, we say Mumma you are bad because she scolds you but that is not scolding that is her love towards you. She sacrifices her own life for you. A mother is always in your heart because she is as sweet as honey. So lucky to see hardworking moms. I have been blessed with a mom who is gorgeous, hardworking and cool.

Moms are powerful because they have accepted so much pain for 9 months and till we grow up. We should never disrespect our mother in spite of getting scolded or when she makes you do a thing that you don’t like. This day is important for us as well as for our mothers. She is the epitome of love, affection, sacrifice, and generosity. you should respect your mother and don’t ever think to leave her alone because she is the purest soul and will be always there for you in your good and bad times no matter what.

Just think of children who don’t have mothers how they feel and how badly they miss their mother. Without a mother the society is incomplete. Spend your all special moments with her, because you have given a one-time chance to live it so enjoy it with your most important person in life. Wishing all the moms a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

International women’s day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Purple is indicated as an international women’s day color. Women’s day shouldn’t only be celebrated on 8 March. Why only on this day women should be wished or gifted something and treated nicely? There are many things in society that have to be changed. There are so many women who are gaining popularity by showcasing their talents and capabilities. Nowadays in corporate sectors, men have started realizing the importance of women’s employment and how they are to be treated during work. There are also guidelines by the government which have been provided in the offices especially where women are employed. Violence against women also has to be stopped. We say that women are goddesses. We just need some respect in society. There are some organizations and societies which work on international women’s day by conducting various activities. Women are a source of inspiration to the society as well as family.
So wishing all the ladies a very Happy Women’s Day !!

A video to make your women’s day great:



Why there is discrimination between daughters and sons?
Daughters are also to be treated in the same way as the son is done. Equal opportunities should be given to both girls and boys. There is a dilemma that daughters are not meant to be sent school only the sons can go to school and they give reasons like we don’t have that much money to spend on our children’s education so we can afford only our son’s education. Daughters should be sent to school and not told to do the household chores. Even if they want her to do the household chores then the son should also assist her sister to do the work. It is a good initiative started by Narendra Modi about ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’.

In villages, some families consider that a son should be born and not a daughter, sometimes when a daughter is born they kill the daughter which is very bad. This is India where we all girls live. They are so many crises that every girl faces at some point. Daughters and sons difference is also depicted in the movie DANGAL. They also wish that it will be a son but a daughter is born and after all, it is the girl who makes the family proud. In some cases parents treat both daughters and sons equally they are given adequate treatment, facilities, and proper guidance.

On June 28, Modi launched #SelfieWithDaughter on Twitter. The campaign’s aim is to spread awareness about gender imbalance and urge parents to value their daughters. In the 21st century, there is another objection i.e daughters can’t go outside and attend parties but the sons can attend late night parties. It is objectionable and their character is judged if they go to the party even with their friends.

Now it is time to stand up for yourselves and not just keep listening to nonsense. Everyone has the right to raise their voice and question anyone. It is not the time where we say that daughters are meant to sit at home and not launder around. If we see these days daughters are the one who is making families proud in any field. Daughters should also be respected and treated properly. After all, a daughter also becomes a woman. So gear up now a new year is coming we need to see some good changes in India i.e crime rates should decrease, violence decrease and WOMEN NEED TO BE RESPECTED.
                        MHARI CHORIYA CHORO SE KAM HAI KAY!!