Why should women only suffer everything?

Are women just born to bear discrimination, sexual harassment, and violence? People say women are a goddess. Then why aren’t they treated like that? Before men start harassing us, do they ever think that they have cute daughters, mothers, sisters, and wives? If any man does any nonsense with their family women they feel bad about it and take preventive steps. The same goes for other women also. Today’s generation knows how to discriminate against women in society. The Boys have created their mindset that girls are just born to be raped and discriminated against.  If we are to be raped, why do we even exist? It’s better we were aborted. Women before marriage are said when they will get married they will have to listen to each and everything of husband. There are so many powerful women in the world who have fought for themselves and stood for equality. Don’t think that what society will think if you speak against any men. Married girls in villages are said to wear a veil, But why? These days women are making proud be it world or to their families. Women are more powerful than men. It’s time for all the lovely sisters, daughters, mothers and wives to stand for their right and fight for their peaceful life. A true feminist will understand this surely!!

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  1. Very well written Khushi and impressed the way you brought attention and focussed to the serious issues women today in the modern world are facing! We women are the strength of the nation and need to be treated equally, with dignity, respect and no disparity!!!!

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  2. Khushi, congrats on pening down such a sensitive artical, historical struggle and current desperity will take it’s on sweet time to dilute and vanish, what we need is to boost and motivate our Girls to follow their passion without any apprehension. Looking forward to your next Blog with a step forward. Good luck!!!

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