Boys, do you even think before molesting a girl? These days there is an increase in crimes against molestation related to young girls. When girls say no to something it means no. Why do you force the police/public to take strict action against you? Boys we are born in this world to do something. We don’t want to spoil our lives. Don’t think that girls will just agree to whatever you say and will stay quiet.

Stereotypical people stop all these village girls to do whatever they wish to do. In villages, small girls are told to get married at the age of 15 or 16. At least get them educated. They also have aspirations or desires. Parents think it’s better our daughters go away from the house, but no one realizes how much pain she is suffering. She gets discriminated so much that she can’t even make choices.

Recently right to choose was guaranteed to all girls and women. In villages, girls are said to sleep on the floor during her periods, but why? Then boys should also sleep on the floor. Are we the only cause of everything?

My message to all the girls who are reading this that please don’t sit quietly and listen to everything that boys say. Raise your voice and start saying NO.

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