Menstruation is a very common thing which everyone now knows be it a boy or a girl. But why do we girls need to suffer a lot during that 5 days duration? Omg, these days a girl of 13 years even starts menstruating due to the environment and the food she eats. Normally in the village, it starts earlier as compared to urban areas. Menstruation is one thing in which girls often try to hide from their families and feel shame about it. Girls and women have to face so many tantrums such as sleep on the floor, they cannot enter the kitchen and they are denied to use sanitary pads because it is costly. Each blood drop stinking a lot. There is much awareness about menarche through the movie “Padman”. Every man should be like that. In Nepal, women are still banished to ‘menstrual huts’ during their periods. Periods have been a taboo in our society. It’s time to end this dangerous tradition. Often men rape girls during periods. Is that right? No, whilst 12% of women have access to sanitary pads in India, the figures are just as startling in the UK with only 1 in 10 girls being able to afford sanitary pads. Telling anyone about menstruation is not at all feeling ashamed. Boys have you realized the pain that girls/women suffer during that period. Sometimes girls are not permitted to go to school as it will destroy the name of the family. We all can spread awareness by providing free sanitary napkins to the area where there is a shortage of money and girls/women are not aware of what actually it is. In some places, there can be also separate washrooms built for women to visit during their periods. There can be many videos and competition so that people can know about it. Aditi Gupta, founder of, Menstrupedia has given rise to an amazing concept of a comic book named MENSTRUPEDIA and Aranya Johar’s poem on the Menstrual cycle. There is a certain blog where menstruation is vastly talked about. Padman has given a lot of inspiration. So girls now there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s your body, your life, and your rules.IMG_6200

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