Well in my blogs, I might have spoken against boys. However, in some areas, men are right too. Women think it’s always the fault of men. But are boys always to be blamed? No, some boys can be true feminist, some do respect women in their work life, social life, etc.

 Boys are supporting their mother, sister or girlfriend. Always boys can’t be blamed for whatever do they do in a girl’s life there can be situations where a boy truly understands what is going in a girl’s life and maybe can help her out. Those boys who think girls are just to be used, better get their minds clear and start listening to men who are at least respecting women.

 If any protest takes place regarding rape you may have noticed that even men take part in it as they don’t want any mishap to happen to the girls. This shows the true spirit of boys. There are many men who are not skilled although their wives are so popular this shows women empowerment.

 Some men feminists Farhan Akhtar had penned a powerful letter to his daughter on sexual violence and rape. The new music video, “You & I (Nobody In The World) which promotes body love and self-acceptance in women, to openly advocate for women on numerous public platforms, John Legend has always been a huge supporter of women’s rights. He has always supported his wife even though she was criticized for a lot of things.

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