International women’s day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Purple is indicated as an international women’s day color. Women’s day shouldn’t only be celebrated on 8 March. Why only on this day women should be wished or gifted something and treated nicely? There are many things in society that have to be changed. There are so many women who are gaining popularity by showcasing their talents and capabilities. Nowadays in corporate sectors, men have started realizing the importance of women’s employment and how they are to be treated during work. There are also guidelines by the government which have been provided in the offices especially where women are employed. Violence against women also has to be stopped. We say that women are goddesses. We just need some respect in society. There are some organizations and societies which work on international women’s day by conducting various activities. Women are a source of inspiration to the society as well as family.
So wishing all the ladies a very Happy Women’s Day !!

A video to make your women’s day great:



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  1. Please correct the usage of ‘has’. In two places it should be have. The piece has been generalized to a large extent lacking any proper research or efforts. I would have liked a more researched piece.


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