A mother is a so precious gift that God has gifted us. The root mater means “mother.” The name mother arises when she gives birth to a child. We are so grateful that we all have one special person in our life. Don’t forget that your mother is only your BEST FRIEND. Mother is the one who has always supported us, cared for us and most importantly nurtured us as an individual. Whenever you go outside and return home then you must have noticed the first word you speak is Mumma and when we don’t find her at home you get sad and call her. Usually, we say Mumma you are bad because she scolds you but that is not scolding that is her love towards you. She sacrifices her own life for you. A mother is always in your heart because she is as sweet as honey. So lucky to see hardworking moms. I have been blessed with a mom who is gorgeous, hardworking and cool.

Moms are powerful because they have accepted so much pain for 9 months and till we grow up. We should never disrespect our mother in spite of getting scolded or when she makes you do a thing that you don’t like. This day is important for us as well as for our mothers. She is the epitome of love, affection, sacrifice, and generosity. you should respect your mother and don’t ever think to leave her alone because she is the purest soul and will be always there for you in your good and bad times no matter what.

Just think of children who don’t have mothers how they feel and how badly they miss their mother. Without a mother the society is incomplete. Spend your all special moments with her, because you have given a one-time chance to live it so enjoy it with your most important person in life. Wishing all the moms a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

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  1. Maa word is full of purification of mind and soul if we share over problem we get relaxed. Maa is divine (God) She always ready to sacrifice her comforts for her Children 🚸.I am really thankful to God to have a wonderful Mother description of Maa is very difficult task for me God bless all Mother’s and keep them Healthy Amen.


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