Now sexism is also prevalent in Bollywood that most women are discriminated against on the basis of looks, figure, and personality. The same is done in Bollywood now. Be it big stars judging girls on their looks.

Around a decade ago, Indian TV was permeated with advertisements of Fair and Lovely a skin-lightening cream — spurring young women across the country into changing their skin color. Television is just a prong in the wheel of misogyny and sexism that is the entertainment industry in India. Sexism in Bollywood has been started from the 1700s. For example, a leading star like Shahrukh Khan can be given a king-size room because of good wealth and appearance but an actress like Sunny Leone won’t be given a room which is too lavish because of her image in Bollywood.

Bollywood has a culture of casting older male heroes alongside young heroines, as male stars are unwilling to retire and play older characters. We even need to give priorities to women. Everyone has an equal chance of being selected and has been given the right to choose what is right and wrong. In the movies, you must have noticed mostly men are given a strong and powerful role and women are mainly given less role. But not in all movies sexism is there for example Pink. You can’t judge a woman by her physical appearance. If she looks bad then we can’t take her in the movie at least look at her nature and action. Stop judging people. Gender stereotypes are even more glaring when it comes to occupations.
Often in the movies, women are abused sexually or verbally which of course hurts the sentiments of a woman and then it’s so difficult to act because you feel there is some pressure upon you. Women are also given sometimes a weird type of clothing so that the society judge and comment upon it.
An example from DDLJ which most of us have seen is :


Example of Mere Brother Ki Dhulan

C’mon, we are living in the 21st century we need to bring some change in Bollywood now. Stop judging people. Now it’s high time the society and their mentality has to change . Bollywood men feel that they are so powerful and popular so that can do anything and comment anytime on a woman. But no that is not right.

Transgender is an umbrella term that describes people whose gender identity or expression does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Transgenders are widely popular in a country like India. The LGBTQ community has been given human rights i.e. to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. But still, they have to face so many challenges. Some transgenders are respected and some are not. Transgenders in society are given respect differently. As every human is different they are also different.

In India, there is a host of socio-cultural groups of transgender people like hijras/ kinnars, and other transgender identities like – shiv-shaktis, jogtas, jogappas, Aradhis, Sakhi, etc. Recently Section 377 also came into light after so much struggle finally they have got their human rights and no one can say anything to them now. It depends on us how do we perceive them. Now the LGBTQ community feels pride as they have got what they had struggled for a long time.

Some challenges of transgenders are they have to face poverty because they are not given employment opportunities so for earning money they go to houses to collect money on a specific occasion or go to traffic signals to earn money, they are not allowed to enter public places due to their gender and violence with them is very common these days. I don’t agree with their family members as to when the family members get to know that his/her child is transgender they start disobeying them and often tell to go away from the house. They should understand what is going on with them. But is it so we have to treat them? NO, everyone wants to live a respectable life without feeling restricted from all actions and endeavors.

Section 377 is irrational, arbitrary and incomprehensible as it *fetters* the right to equality for LGBTQ community LGBT community possesses the same equality as other citizens. What society thinks has no role in the freedom of citizens.

GAURI SAWANT is a transgender activist. At a very early age of 9, after her mother’s demise, Gauri realized that she is different from others. Gauri underwent transition with the help of Humsafar Trust. It was a struggle, but Gauri formed an NGO of her own called ‘Sakhi Char Chowghi’ in Malad, Mumbai. Gauri promotes safe sex and provides counseling to transgenders from the Mumbai suburbs. She is also the petitioner of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) judgment that was passed in 2013. She has given a nice definition of a mother and also planning to open a house named AJJI KA GHAR.

So it is our choice of how we treat every individual but everyone should be treated equally without any discrimination. Some are good people and some are bad but we are no one to judge. So don’t ever say oh this is a transgender, eww he is gay. it hurts every time you say all this.

Hope you like this article and sharing a beautiful video with you :

What pleasure do boys get by making girls feel inferior?
They think what they do is right and it gives them pride for it in society. But in every situation boys can’t be right there are many instances where some boys do that stuff which forces the girl to apologize to him. Sometimes out of frustration, girls also fight back because till how long can they listen to them? Boys have this mentality that they can dominate over girls.

It is the 21st century now we all need to change our mindset. As a girl, I don’t even want to face so many things. Girls get out of her house she carries a heavy heart and courage to fight through all the things. But boys still don’t understand because a strong action is not taken. Boys should be supportive of girls. For example one day a boy rudely commented that why do I share a blog with him? And since that, I don’t speak to him and one day I wanted him to feel guilty about his act. Boys think of themselves in very high regard and try to force their thoughts on girls.

Boys should talk to girls out of respect. We aren’t just a piece of tissue, you use and throw. Girls I would advise you to stand for your rights and fight back if you know you are right.

Becoming a widow for a woman/girl is very difficult and spending time alone is more terrible. For a widow, women/girls to cope up with all problems is difficult as sometimes the family doesn’t support that much, and she goes into a trauma. Widows are mostly calm, quiet and prefer to stay alone. But in society they also need respect.

We shouldn’t ever discriminate between a widow woman/ girl with any other woman/girl all at the same pace. Before raising fingers to other women/girls in the society these men should think that how they would feel and react if something similar happened to their own daughter. Most of the men who are asked such a question remain speechless.

In our country widows are deprived of getting pension schemes benefits due to corruption. They are facing a number of problems in their life. Employment opportunities for widows are very low especially because of the limitations on mobility and gender division of labor. If you have seen a movie WATER their it shows torture faced by a small girl due to her husband’s death. Her head is shaved off, she is sent to an ashram in Benaras and not given opportunities to live her life.

There are many NGOs, camps, and ashrams where widow women/girls can live. Also now widow remarriage is prevalent, don’t think what society will think about it. It’s a better step before living life alone better to marry someone you know.


Do watch the video below:


If I have the right to freedom of speech and expression, Why am I stopped then? I have noticed some families have this mentality that if any mishap happens with them they shouldn’t fight because it destroys the image of the family. Instead, they would take the blame on themselves and close the matter out of fear.

But if we don’t fight for ourselves then who will fight? It’s high time now the number of crimes is increasing day by day. There are very limited areas where girls are respected. Girls are now more strong than boys and its necessary for girls to learn defense so that they can defeat a guy. Boys say we can’t do anything but remember one thing we can do anything.

” I won’t keep quiet till my daughter gets justice,” said of the 16 December girl’s mother. Every family wants that they should get equal rights. Even not in her presence her mother has fought so powerfully so that she lives in peace in heaven. This is the lesson for all girls who think that should keep quiet. Get up girls, Voice up your own opinion. Don’t be afraid whenever you scream in public on a boy if he is disturbing you just look at how will be the guy feeling in front of such a huge crowd, he would be feeling guilty. That is how they will learn.

We have to teach both the genders to get over this.



Since olden times premarital sex has been taboo. Our society screams that younger kids who aren’t married should not have sex. They are not even permitted to look at each other, according to the society. When society gets to know that a girl had sex at a very young age, they create a big deal out of it. However, getting them married at an early age is completely okay with them. Sex has always been a taboo in villages.

Premarital sex also depends on a lot of factors like the boy might be pressurizing the girl to have sex for a unanimous reason. Then again that is not the scenario every time. If it’s happening with the will of both the parties then it’s okay.

I think it’s the choice of the individuals and we should not interfere in that.
If a girl has been forced to have sex at a tender age then it can lead to many problems like later conceiving and diseases. She can fall sick due to STD.
Premarital sex with the knowledge of both the sexes is okay.

These days body shaming has been affecting women a lot. The action or practice of humiliating someone by making lewd or critical comments about their body shape or size. They can’t handle all the tantrums of people around them. Even when a marriage proposal comes first the girl’s body is looked upon. But why so? Our mentality is such that girls are to be shamed.

It affects each and every person every time you say. In some regions of India girl are actually body-shamed to do modeling. There are many models that are selected on the basis of their body and size. This is not right. When girls say that they are fat or slim they change their lifestyle and they also inculcate some eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Binge eating.

Girls often say to people that they hate themselves because they are fat. This is the misconception that people have made the girl realize that actually yes they are fat. This taboo has to be stopped cause it is affecting the life of infinite girls. If you actually trust the society that you are fat then it is your problem but some girls even fight for this lewd comments.



Well in my blogs, I might have spoken against boys. However, in some areas, men are right too. Women think it’s always the fault of men. But are boys always to be blamed? No, some boys can be true feminist, some do respect women in their work life, social life, etc.

 Boys are supporting their mother, sister or girlfriend. Always boys can’t be blamed for whatever do they do in a girl’s life there can be situations where a boy truly understands what is going in a girl’s life and maybe can help her out. Those boys who think girls are just to be used, better get their minds clear and start listening to men who are at least respecting women.

 If any protest takes place regarding rape you may have noticed that even men take part in it as they don’t want any mishap to happen to the girls. This shows the true spirit of boys. There are many men who are not skilled although their wives are so popular this shows women empowerment.

 Some men feminists Farhan Akhtar had penned a powerful letter to his daughter on sexual violence and rape. The new music video, “You & I (Nobody In The World) which promotes body love and self-acceptance in women, to openly advocate for women on numerous public platforms, John Legend has always been a huge supporter of women’s rights. He has always supported his wife even though she was criticized for a lot of things.

Why do men think that women are not capable of doing things? They think they are granted power and we can’t do anything. We are stronger than you. Women can deal with so many hurdles. It often depends on the thinking of men at times how they judge a woman. Women should be treated equally in all spheres of life i.e. be in business, in elections, and in the family, etc. We also have enough will power and stamina to do what we want to do. Some women also pursue a career that is meant for men but women gain more rising in that field.

Men think we can’t start a business but we can. It is to bring equality in society for both males and females in all areas. There is a high level of gender inequality in India where women are ill-treated. Boys should change their mindset that only we can do anything but just allow us, give us the opportunity and look at what we will do.

For example An amputee Karishma Iyer as a social worker, Somal Holland in the field of cooking and Khushboo Chaudhary manager at Senhora magazine in the field of fashion. Choose a line of work that you truly enjoy and love. Follow your dreams and fulfill your dreams !!!


Women are day to day gaining tremendous popularity even in the field of architecture. They put a lot many efforts to construct a beautiful building be it small or big. Our society thinking has to be changed that only men can work in this field. There are so many magnificent buildings and towers built by women. Architecture is that area where we need to put up lots of effort.

About 51% of people in India believe that women can pursue this as a career. during designing a building women face a lot of problems such as family support is not there, labour also misbehaves and sometimes people also treat women in a bad way. Women are even paid less than men. Thinking about women architects feels so good that women haven’t left any stone unturned. We can do everything, despite all of the efforts to make female architects feel special the result is the opposite.

Women architects are not afraid of skyscrapers or towers. Just they want a good gesture.there are many architects who have constructed such huge buildings and people often like to visit them.some of them are TOWER HOUSE in South Delhi built by Revathi Kamath, SJK Architects in Mumbai by Shimul Javeri Kadri. You may see many built-in abroad also by powerful ladies. They maybe daughter, daughter in law, sister or wife but there will power gives motivation.